Make Your Small Business Look Big

They say perception is everything and one of the features of a cyber-business is that online no one sees the chaos.  Your business can be one of total mayhem behind the scenes, but online, no one knows.

That’s the beauty of an online business; you can be everything to all people because all you have to do is present as such.

Business Services Online

One of the things which distinguishes the big from the small is the siloing of departments. In a small business, sales, marketing, support, shipping and stocktaking might all be done by the same person. How do you manage to look like a bigger business, and yet not be one?

The answer comes through technology like an online invoice service.  The idea is that you use a few specialist online services which cost very little but make you seem as if there’s all the departments with different people in each one of them.

Anything any time

You can have someone answer the phone 24 / 7 if yours is an anytime enterprise.  People will help you with recruiting new staff. There are people who will populate your twitter feed, post your blogs and even write them for you.

This is a great plan, because any time you spend away from bringing business in is effectively a double cost to the business. It costs to have you do those things, i.e. your salary, and it costs a second time in the added business you could have brought in.

Do what you do best

Next time you’re sitting there sending out invoices think about what you could be doing if you weren’t invoicing, or you were doing it in a way that takes 5 minutes not 5 hours. Then ask yourself does this make business sense? Because if the answer is no – it is time to do something else.